Bobbie Seright Palanuik



The Earth is an amazing and beautifully complex world with diverse ecosystems and life forms  knitted together with the unseen threads of the sacred web of Divine creation. As an artist, each day is a new day of discovery and Mother Earth has many facets to that I have yet to unveil.


Abraham Lake

Autumn on the Ridge

Before the Snow Flies -

Blindman River

Archie’s Place

Dusk on Twin Lakes Trail

Early Winter Evening - Gull

Forest Sanctuary

Full moon Sky - Gull Lake

Gull Lake - Early September

March Sky Aspen Beach

Medicine Hills Storm

Pine Lake Silhouettes

Requiem Baptiste River

Sacred Path - the journey

Stillpoint - Twilight falls

Vedder River

Winter comes to Open Creek

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Copyright 2011 Bobbie Seright Palanuik

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