Bobbie Seright Palanuik



Location:        Central Alberta, Canada

Vocation:        Visual artist / Photographer

Subjects:         Landscape, Nature

medium:          Oil, Acrylic, Watercolour,

                        Pastel, Mixed media


My childhood was spent exploring the amazing natural world and my curiosity would always find me ready to examine this realm, be it watching the magical process of a spider spinning her intricate gossamer web or peering deep below the shimmering surface of the river to unveil the secret places of minnows, mysterious aquatic insects and a collection of many, many, “pretty stones”.

In my heart there was always a strong sense of belonging to the earth and sky and something much deeper than a child’s thoughts could voice. It filled my senses with a reverence and joyful enchantment that have never left me.

As I grew older I found that I could express my love and passion for this natural world in a visual way and thus began my artistic journey.

I like to use all of my senses in the creative process, enjoying the synergy of my paint brush as it touches the canvas and the buttery soft feeling of the pastels as they slide across the paper in bursts of bright pigment. I let my intuition guide me and as my painting unfolds, there is a rhythm and flow that comes to me, with different energies of light and colour merging together to create a symphony. Each colour, each pastel mark, each brush stroke flows from my heart into the painting until the music is complete and all is in harmony.

Along with my paints and pastels, the camera has been a faithful companion in my artistic wanderings, adapting and changing along with me. Recently I have been using my camera with the computer as my canvas, unfurling my creative wings as I explore our ever-changing world.

Throughout the many years and seasons of observing and appreciating nature, I have come to realize that my inner child’s longing to connect with the sacred circle of life is only a paint stroke away.

Whether it is seeing the water’s deep blue reflections mirroring the golden stillness of an autumn afternoon or the drama and grand intensity of a violet and orange sunset, I am compelled to capture and express the love that I felt for the essence of that moment. The Earth has many beautiful faces and moods to show me and as long as I breathe I will be inspired to portray them and share her amazing grace with others.

Artist Statement

I am a visual artist, photographer and writer of prose and poetry. I specialize in landscape and nature paintings. I have a passion for pastel, both chalk and oil and have worked with most of the other mediums throughout my career. I am always ready to dabble in new adventures of artistic expression and am currently experimenting in collage and digital art photography. I am an avid student of nature and a dedicated perennial gardener. More often than not you will find me peering down in the grass to study some fascinating creature or an interesting plant that has caught my attention.


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