Bobbie Seright Palanuik is an Alberta-based visual artist and photographer specializing in landscape and nature painting. Bobbie   was born in 1955 and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She was married to Daryl Palanuik in 1975. Bobbie and her husband have one son, Jason, born in 1986.

Bobbie’s interest in art dates back to the age of six when she began to draw colour cartoon characters for her family. Her fascination with different mediums blossomed with an experiment of creating three-dimensional butterflies on paper using wax crayons and a heat register, much to her mothers chagrin.

Bobbie continued to develop her creative abilities throughout her school years and in her early teens discovered the rich medium of oil pastels. This began Bobbie’s artistic journey into landscape painting and it was not long before she moved from pastels to painting in oil.

After graduating from high school Bobbie worked in the commercial art field for several years before returning to discipline of painting.

Over the years Bobbie has become versatile in all mediums but prefers pastels for their vibrancy, colour and visual effect.

Currently, Bobbie lives and paints in Central Alberta where she has found inspiration in the ever-changing rural landscapes of the Blindman Valley and the lush boreal forests of the David Thompson Country.


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Bobbie Seright Palanuik


Abrams’ Lake, one of Bobbie’s original oil painting was chosen for the collection of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts. It now resides in the Alberta Legislative Building in the Administration wing.

Bobbie was one of 10 winners across Canada of the 2008 David Suzuki Digs my Garden Contest for chemical-free gardens. The winning gardens are featured in the contest’s online magazine.


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